Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

According to Newsweek magazine over 200,000 surveillance bugs have been planted in the U.S. and Europe in recent years.  Detecting exactly how many individuals and industries have been victimized by illegal and unwanted surveillance is hard to estimate, since such devices are used to gather information on political and business negotiations, trade secrets, and marketing strategies that could cause monumental damage to its victims. specializes in combating such illegal eavesdropping by conducting

Electronic Sweeps, otherwise known as Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM). has been commissioned by many Fortune 100 companies to counteract the threat of illegal surveillance.TSCM surveys helps determine the needed strategies its highly trained staff of professionals will use in implementing state of the art equipment to detect devices capable of transmitting and receiving remote-activated communications, as well as physically searching targeted areas for hidden interception devices, microphones, transmitters and recorders, and closed-circuit television systems etc.

After the results of the survey are compiled in a written report of recommendations for improving security measures, you will speak with an qualified professional within ten days.


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